What to Expect

What to expect is a great fun day on the water being educated by a professional captain that loves the water and enjoys teaching. You will spend the day with someone that isn’t going to look down on you for being a beginner boater while you are learning to be a better boater. You will get a very in depth knowledge of your boat from stem to stern. You will learn the does and don’ts of the boat ramps, what is expected around the marinas, how to prepare your boat for a haul out if needed and how to keep your boat in the deep water. You will get the education for what to look for while being on your boat to help with preventative maintenance. When you finish your training with us you will be able to take your boat out on the water and know you will have the knowledge of how to do it safely.

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Boat Training

Captain Phil's On The Water Boat Training offers basic boating skills and boating lessons for new boat owners. Captain Phil's teaches you how to navigate the waters around this area, how to anchor your boat in different weather conditions, and how to safely approach and leave a dock. Our boating trainers will also teach you boat ramp etiquette and on the water etiquette. Captain Phil's On The Water Boat Training can handle all your on the water deliveries and trailer deliveries to anywhere your vessel needs to go. We have numerous professional delivery captains on call 24/7 days a week. Captain Phil's is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but can be anywhere you need us.


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