How It Works

How it works is really simple. Go to our contact page and gather all the information to contact us and give us a jingle. We will discuss with you your boating knowledge and discuss a starting point. Once this has been decided we will meet you at the ramp or the marina witch ever you prefer. Get on your boat and begin the boating lessons. We will go through the boat if we need to or get you on the water handling the boat as long as you have the basics of the boat already. We do the educating and you do the hands on operation of the boat until of feel you have grasped the aspects of your vessel. We will work on close quarters boat handling with current and wind, and handling the boat in a marina. After you can handle the boat in a marina we will move out to the water and educate you on the waterway and the safe water marks and what all the buoys mean along the way. We will visit some local marinas to practice getting along side different docks and fuel docks. Once all of this is comfortable to you we will head down to a few different anchorages and anchor the boat out. While all of this is going on with you at the helm we will always be discussing safety and what we should have on board to keep us safe. Once you have got a grip on all of this we are off to dock the boat or put it back on the trailer and put her away for her next visit to the water. While she is on the trailer we will look her over for any preventive maintenance that needs to be done to keep you on the water boating.

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Boat Training

Captain Phil's On The Water Boat Training offers basic boating skills and boating lessons for new boat owners. Captain Phil's teaches you how to navigate the waters around this area, how to anchor your boat in different weather conditions, and how to safely approach and leave a dock. Our boating trainers will also teach you boat ramp etiquette and on the water etiquette. Captain Phil's On The Water Boat Training can handle all your on the water deliveries and trailer deliveries to anywhere your vessel needs to go. We have numerous professional delivery captains on call 24/7 days a week. Captain Phil's is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but can be anywhere you need us.


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